What Gets Hard Water Stains Out of Toilets

What Gets Hard Water Stains Out of Toilets

If you have hard water in your home, then the scale from the minerals in the water can build-up within the toilet. This may cause a number of problems ranging from staining to weak flushing. With regular care and cleaning, many of these issues can be prevented. Even if it has been some time since the toilet was cleaned, hard water stains can still be removed from most toilets. Here is what you … [Read more...]

What Causes a Toilet to Run

What Causes a Toilet to Run

One of the most common reasons why a toilet decides to run is because there is a potential malfunction in one of its components. Although toilets are fairly simple in terms of technology, there are certain seals or rods that can change over time and prevent proper functionality. A bad flapper, a bent float arm, or a crack in the flow pipe can all be causes of a toilet running, especially if it … [Read more...]

What to Use to Unclog a Toilet


Your two best common options for unclogging a toilet are a plunger or a snake. These tools can help you to dislodge most blockages from the toilet trap without needing to add any chemicals or household items into the toilet. If you cannot dislodge the clog with those tools, however, you may want to try using these options to unclog that stubborn toilet. 1. Use soap or shampoo. Adding dish … [Read more...]

What is the Best Toilet


If you’re shopping for a new toilet, then “fun” probably isn’t the way you’d describe the process. Many toilets look the same and have similar features, which makes it difficult to compare brands and models. One point of comparison to look at today, however, is between single-flush toilets and dual-flush toilets. Most single-flush toilets will use about 1.25 gallons of water per flush. … [Read more...]

What is a Dual Flush Toilet


A dual flush toilet is designed just like any other toilet, but with one key exception. It has two handles or buttons equipped to the fixture so that it can flush different levels of water. Initially proposed in 1976 by Victor Papanek, the first dual flush toilets began to be installed in 1980. The modern dual flush toilet was created in 1993 as a way to cut water usage when flushing. Due to … [Read more...]