Why Does My Hot Water Heater Make a Knocking Sound


Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating issues that someone can experience is when their water heater is making a knocking sound. Most people might not think much of a knocking sound on their heater, but it's important to understand the complex situations that can arise and cause these heaters to display such occurrences. Rather than being someone that is in the dark on these tactics or … [Read more...]

Why Does My Hot Water Heater Smell Like Rotten Eggs


Have you noticed a strange smell near your water heater? Usually water heaters are placed in a place that is out of the way and doesn't get noticed unless there is a problem. You might find it in your basement or closed off in a closet depending on your home. You might pass off a strange odor around your water heater from it being tucked away in an place where it doesn't get much fresh air, but … [Read more...]

Why Does My Gas Water Heater Keep Shutting Off


In normal working condition, a gas water heater both heats up the water in the storage tank and keeps it ready for use or it heats on demand. In either of the two cases the heating elements are kept warm by a burner which is also triggered by the gas. If the gas keeps shutting off the burner will fail to turn on and as a result water won’t be heated. Here are reasons why your gas water heater … [Read more...]

Why is My Electric Hot Water Heater Not Working


Electric water heaters are devices that do not have many elements, but when you experience a problem with them, it best to solve it right away. Even thought they do not get damaged so easily, it is important to make sure they work properly to protect the people who use it. Electric water heaters can stop working because of deformed installations, but also because of serious problem with the … [Read more...]

Why Does Pilot Light Go Out On Water Heater


There is nothing frustrating than a water heater that turns off every time you try to run a hot shower or bath. If your water heater pilot won’t stay lit, it is necessary to have it checked and fixed immediately otherwise you won’t be able to have hot water. There are several reasons as to why a water heater pilot light fails to light or just goes out. More often if a water heater fails to … [Read more...]