Why Is My Hot Water Heater Leaking


Most times many people think that their water heater needs replacement once they notice signs of leaking. However this is not always necessary as many of the possible solution are inexpensive and rather simple. Determining why your water heater is leaking will enable you to take the necessary step. Here are reasons as to why a water heater might leak. Leaking Water Supply Lines When you notice … [Read more...]

Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Sewer


A common problem that many households and commercial building managers complain is a foul smell emanating from their toilet. The sewer like smell comes immediately after use, though there are reports that some toilets reek like a sewer even when it has not been used. You would think it is a hygiene issue but on the contrary, it is sewer gas escaping through your toilet from the drain line. The … [Read more...]

Why Do My Pipes Vibrate When I Flush the Toilet


There are several reasons as to why your pipes vibrate whenever one flushes his/her toilet. Some of the major issues as to why you keep hearing that rattling sound could be. Loose Pipes In case you pipes are lose, they normally rattle whenever someone flushes the toilet or turns on a faucet. Visibly inspect the pipes to determine whether there is movement and if there is consider having them … [Read more...]

Why Does Toilet Make Loud Noise When Flushed


When it comes to the toilet, most people are well aware of the mechanical functions that make it work, but very few people are aware of the noises that toilets make and what they mean. No, a noise doesn't necessarily mean that something bad is happening, but it can mean that there are issues at play. This is why you need to be well aware of the kinds of noises that can happen when do you use the … [Read more...]

Why Does My Toilet Keep Flushing by Itself


One of the most perplexing plumbing issues has to do with the toilet when it's flushing by itself. If you're a homeowner or simply someone with a toilet that is flushing by itself, it could be the indication of a much more serious issue. Because of that, it's very critical that you keep the following information in mind when trying to assess whether or not a toilet is actually properly flushing or … [Read more...]