Why Does the Toilet Make a Noise When Flushed


If your toilet is making noises when flushing you will be probably wondering what could be possibly wrong with it. Identifying the issue is the first step to getting tranquility and peace in your bathroom. You might need a plumber but then again it might be something you can fix yourself. So what is causing your toilet to make such noise? Below are three of the common things that cause a toilet to … [Read more...]

Why Does My Toilet Cistern Keeps Running


Whether it is the sound of water constantly running or cycling on and off, mysteries of a continuously running toilet can drive someone nuts. So what might be causing your toilet to continue running even after you are done? Chain Problems Issues with the chain might cause a toilet to constantly run. If the chain is short it might be pulling the flapper even when the flapper is at rest and also … [Read more...]

Why Does My Toilet Gurgle


When it comes to toilets, they're one of the most misunderstood appliances in the entire home. Because of the fact they are considered rather unsanitary, this causes a lot of confusion as far as what happens when they malfunction. Rather than being intimidated or scared by any strange noises, it's important to understand that there is a reason behind everything. When it comes to the toilet, … [Read more...]

How to Install Garbage Disposal Drain


Garbage disposals on your kitchen sink are a great way to deal with small food scraps that may still be on your plate after a meal. While you don't want to use your disposal to get rid of large pieces of food, the ability to wash away small bits is an easy way to clean dishes. If you don't have a garbage disposal on your kitchen sink you can easily install one. Buy one safe for your septic system … [Read more...]

How to Install Toilet Drain in Concrete Floor


DIY renovations are becoming more and more popular with homeowners tackling jobs that were usually left for professionals. If you need to move or install a toilet on a concrete slab you can save some major money by installing the toilet yourself. You will need some special tools, but with a little work you can take care of this task in an afternoon. Install the Closet Flange The first step is … [Read more...]