Electronic Leak & Sewer Locating Service in Los Angeles

When it comes to modern pluming and rooter services, Rooter Guard has you covered. We incorporate the latest and greatest technology into everything that we do for our customers, and that includes learning new things, implementing new equipment and more. For instance, we offer electronic leak and sewer locating, which is something that most people are unaware of. This can help in a variety of ways to help make sure that a home is protected against leaks, and more.


This service is for property owners that need to locate where water and sewage lines cross, meet and seperate. This helps out greatly whenever there is a backup, or an issue with the drains. The water that goes to a home is provided by a major utilities company, and that has to come in and out from somewhere, which means sewer and piping lines are in and around your home. It’s very important to know where these pipes and lines are located in order to make sure that black water does not start flowing into the home, and the source is unknown and excavation takes place.


Our electronic services will help locate the lines so that you don’t have to dig deep and ruin a yard. Sewer pipes are a great benefit when you know where they are located. It’s easy to repair these when there is a leak or a backup, but only if locations are found. There are traditionally two ways to find these and it either involves calling the city and finding out the exact coordinates, or finding out on your own. Either way can be painstaking, which is why we offer this service in order to shed some clarity where it needs to be placed.


If you’re planning on adding to your home, either a pool, or a patio, you are going to want to dig into the yard. However, if there are pipes, lines, and more in the vicinity you could end up with a major issue if you start to dig and you aren’t aware of what lies beneath.


Our services, combined with our latest video camera technology shed light on everything you need to know about where the water is going out of your home, and how to ensure that nothing goes awry. You might be amazed at what you will find out when you give us a call to help you with this project. Electronic leak & sewer locating is not just for information, it’s a strategic method that helps make sure that no damage is caused when dealing with problems.


Often times, the source of a leak can be hard to detect, which is why calling us whenever an issue is occurring is a good idea. The “diy” route will not be advisable here as you could risk injury, or even death by trying to dig towards sewer lines or if you hit a gas line. It’s best to let the professionals handle leaks and issues with sewage so that you’re protected, your home is safe, and you regain peace of mind.