Slab and Underground Leak Repair in Los Angeles

Among the many issues that some homeowners will have to face, leaks are just some of the minor things. However, major leaks can occur and that can prove to be very difficult to manage, especially when they are underground at the slab level. This might be surprising to some, but it is seriously one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner to deal with, and that’s why Rooter Guard is here to help. When you suspect that there’s an issue underneath the home, call us immediately so that we can help you with fixing the issue.


It’s never fun to discover that you have to deal with slab leaks. They will happen, there’s no way to avoid them, other than hoping that nothing happens with the elements. The problems usually rise when the pipes underneath the home rot, rust, or deteriorate. When this occurs it produces leaks that are the size of pinholes throughout. These small leaks might seem simple, but they truly cause issue over time. The water comes up to the surface where concrete can protect your home for a short time, but then pushes through over time. It is crucial to catch this early so that there is not a great deal of damage, but often times, it’s found when things are too late.


In recent years there have been a great deal of problems with slab leaks due to natural erosion. However, we have many years experience with the latest technology to detect leaks with maximum efficiency. Rooter Guard can not only accurately locate the issue but we can also repair the leak so that your home doesn’t get too much damage. If caught early, we can definitely assist you with patching things up and you won’t even have any damage. If damage has started, we can fix the issue, and advise you how to protect your home from further damages.


You will often times be able to detect the issue based on a few notes, consider the following:


  • Leaks Behind Walls – If you hear dripping, water running, or notice that there is wetness at the floor level of your home, you most likely have this issue. Call us if you experience anything in this regard.


  • Hot Spots – When the slab has been compromised you’ll notice that there are what are known as “heat” spots throughout your home. This will be a true sign that you’re dealing with slab leaks, and once again, call us immediately after you discover it.


  • Sound – The sound of water dripping, rushing, dropping, or settling is going to be a major thing to listen for. Often times you will not see the effects of the leak, so it’s important that you’re vigilant in hearing any issues and have family members pay close attention to the sounds that can come through.


If you pay close attention to the aforementioned, and you call us immediately, we can get your home protected, and the leak fixed, without major incident. Don’t hesitate as the longer you wait; the worse things are going to be in terms of damage.