Van Nuys Emergency Plumbing: Experienced Plumbers

Van Nuys Emergency Plumbing

Rooter Guard is here to aid Van Nuys and all Los Angeles county residents from any emergency plumbing problem. Our emergency plumbing team adheres to the highest values to help you navigate through the fray.Call Rooter Guard if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency 800.399.7270.With Rooter Guard, you will you will get an expert plumbing team that is here for you for any plumbing … [Read more...]

What Does GPF Mean Toilet

GPF Mean Toilet

GPF for toilets stands for “gallons per flush.” It is a measurement of how much water is used to create an effective flush once the toilet lever is activated.It is an important measurement to consider because the average household in the United States consumes 30% of their water through toilet flushing. By reducing how much water is used per flush, a tremendous water savings can be obtained. … [Read more...]

What is a Elongated Toilet

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Elongated toilets provide more space for sitting compared to round toilets. The bowl has more of an oval shape to it than a circular shape. For many people, this creates a user experience that has added comfort.From the back of the tank to the edge of the front of the bowl, a standard round toilet offers 16.5 inches of space. For a standard elongated toilet, there is 18.5 inches of … [Read more...]

What Can Cause a Toilet to Overflow

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You’ve flushed the toilet just like you always do. This time, however, the water levels aren’t going down. The bowl is filling up with water quickly. What could be causing this situation?In most cases, the reason why a toilet is overflowing is because there is a clog within the trapway. Toilet paper and waste do not always break down enough to be flushed through the system, especially if they … [Read more...]

What to Consider When Buying a Toilet

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If you need a new toilet for a remodeling project or for new construction, there are certain features that are worth considering before finalizing the purchase. Here are some of the top key points to think about.1. Flushing Technologies Modern toilets offer a dual-flush option. You can flush a partial tank to dispose of liquid waste and save up to 50% of the water compared to a regular … [Read more...]