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Rooter Guard provides plumbing and emergency services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Burbank. We are respected throughout the area for quality service and low prices. When you need to schedule installation or get in touch with a 24-hour plumber, you can reach us at:

Address: 16140 Valerio St. Unit #A, Van Nuys, CA 91406

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Local Plumbers You Can Trust

At Rooter Guard, we only charge for the service you need. There are no hidden costs—we provide only repairs that are absolutely necessary. No extra services are ever recommended to raise the price. Honesty is one of our most respected qualities. We are a full-service plumbing company proud to offer:

  • 24/7 emergency service for any issue
  • Free inspections and preventative maintenance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Warrantees on workmanship and parts
  • Special offers so customers can save

Rooter Guard also takes safety and consumer protection seriously, as we’re insured, bonded, and licensed. Our plumbers and drain cleaning technicians undergo rigorous pre-employment checks that include technical aptitude tests, drug tests, and criminal background checks. We also conduct a DMV check to ensure our plumbing professionals have a clean driving record.

Leaky pipes, or even a leaky faucet, can lead to big problems. Our emergency plumber can address any issue before it gets worse, and you can depend on us for:

Copper Repiping

 Galvanized piping installed decades ago is prone to deterioration and breakage. If you know you have it, or experience leaks or clanking sounds, call our team to replace the pipes. Signs of trouble include decreased water pressure, slow drains, odors from pipes, noise, and discolored water. You may hear bubbling sounds from the drains or toilets may run continuously. Such issues may be costly, but we can do a copper re-pipe that can save you in the long run.

Drain Rooter

Do you have a drain problem and need a “plumber near me” right away? We can remove grease, carbon, and calcium buildup or correct other hidden problems such as debris buildup or hair or soap clogs. These issues can occur in kitchen or bathroom sinks, showers, toilets, and sewer lines. Our plumbers can remove blockages and check for other issues such as tree roots or crushed pipe, and do what it takes to restore your plumbing.

Faucet & Fixture Installation

If you have a problematic faucet or another plumbing fixture that overflows, we can troubleshoot the cause and repair or replace the part as needed. Our skilled Burbank technicians can restore your water pressure and ensure your system is reliable while doing each job right the first time. We also replace channel drains and fix broken terminal valves when necessary.

Garbage Disposals

Specializing in garbage disposal repair and replacement, our plumbers can determine why your unit has jammed, is noisy, or doesn’t turn on. A leak may be caused by internal damage that warrants replacing your garbage disposal. We will fix the underlying problem whenever possible, but sometimes replacing it with something newer and more reliable is the answer.

High Tech Hydro Jetting

We utilize technology that can shoot streams of water at up to 3,500 psi into pipes and water lines to clear out obstructions, mineral deposits, and rust. This is a cost-effective alternative to installing new pipe. In many cases, it can unclog a pipe, drain, or sewer line using high-tech equipment designed for this purpose.

Pipe Lining Technology

In the past, replacing pipe required digging long, deep trenches across yards, lawns, and driveways. Our unique pipe lining technology provides a non-invasive alternative that can resolve major pipe problems quickly and affordably. Tree root intrusion, corrosion and rust, and water erosion can be resolved. Lasting 50 years or longer, our solution is code-compliant and does not require replacing an entire section of pipe.

Rooter Service

Trained in all types of plumbing repairs and maintenance, our 24-hour plumber can advise on whether you need leak repair, trenchless pipe replacement, sewer cleaning, or a new fixture installation. Rather than attempt hazardous repairs on your own, call our local plumber to fix the issue and get it right the first time, whether you need water heater installation or a fixture replaced.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Modern techniques enable us to remove blockages and clear out sewers and drains with relative ease. Our methods avoid our having to excavate, remove pipe, and replace an entire system. All Burbank customers are charged for the work they need, on their schedule, while our technicians stay on the job until it is completed.

Sewer Rooter

We can address any drain, garbage disposal, kitchen, or bathroom problem related to blocked or damaged sewer lines. Whether we need to remove an object or replace a pipe, you can depend on our local plumbers to resolve the issue and avoid the potential health effects of sewage backup.

Sewers & Yard Drains

Installing a pool or performing any work in your yard that requires digging involves special care. Aside from avoiding sewer lines, we install yard drains and connect them to the sewage system. This keeps your property dry and avoids serious water damage that can result from a lack of drainage.

Slab Leaks

The slab under your home or business is susceptible to erosion, while moisture and worn pipes can lead to water damage. You may notice wet spots on floors or areas that are hotter. We offer solutions to avoid mold and mildew, high water bills, and the impacts of broken underground pipes.

Toilet and Sink Installation/Repair

We install the right toilets and sinks when you build, renovate, or upgrade your property. Poor installation can result in messy cleanups due to leaks, but our technicians seal your fixtures and ensure everything is working the way it should

Water & Gas Leaks

Never leave either of these unchecked. Water can cause major damage to floors, walls, and structures, leading to mold, rot, and decay. If gas is leaking, the risk of exposure and explosions must be avoided if you notice a rotten egg smell. Fortunately, our emergency plumber is experienced in dealing with such issues.

Water Heaters

Water heater replacement is often the best option, especially if your unit is over a decade old. We can provide water heater repair when possible to extend the life of the system and make sure hot water is always available.

Rooter Guard also specializes in electronic leak and sewer location, employing low- and high-voltage methods to identify water/sewer lines. We, therefore, avoid unnecessary digging. Our locating methods help us find key underground structures prior to major renovations. If you have a pipe problem, our video camera inspection service allows us to quickly find pipe, drain, and other issues and their exact location.

Technology allows us to spot exactly where a problem is, so we can provide the most direct solutions. We always get to the root of the problem. If there’s one blockage or pipe problem, our technicians will not dig up your entire lawn or yard. Our process is much less invasive, more affordable, and much more effective.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

Beyond using a plunger or adding 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to vinegar and pouring the mixture into a drain, don’t attempt a DIY plumbing fix. Drain cleaning tools can cause more harm than good if you are not properly trained. That’s where our plumbing experts come in. Our technicians have the best industry training, so they can quickly and safely unclog and repair drains, fix pipes, and replace any pipe or fixture with ease.

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We are committed to getting every job done right the first time and ensuring each customer’s plumbing system is working normally. Available 24/7, you can contact us during emergencies or for drain cleaning, water heater replacement, or rooter service. Call us any time of the day or at night. You never have to be left with slow drains, backups, or foul odors. You can always count on our honesty, affordability, reliability, and vigilance. Free inspections make preventative maintenance accessible to all customers.

Feel free to call 800-399-7270 to schedule service in Burbank, get a quote, or inquire about our latest special offers.



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