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Rooter Guard offers a comprehensive set of plumbing and emergency services throughout North Hollywood, CA. To request emergency service or schedule a visit, contact us at:

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Honest, Reliable, and Affordable Service

A full-service plumbing company, we are respected by residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Los Angeles and North Hollywood, CA. People depend on us for honest service and dependable pricing; we never charge for unnecessary repairs. We also offer some of the lowest prices for quality services in the area. From immediate repairs to preventative maintenance and free inspections, we are there for customers 24/7.

Plumbing problems can bring the convenience of your home, and operation of your business, to a grinding halt. One leaky pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage. A leaky faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water per week, raising the water bill all the while. Fortunately, you can depend on our top-notch services and trained team to repair a leaky pipe or faucet or any other plumbing problem that you may have.

Local Plumbers Ready to Meet All Your Plumbing Needs

We are conveniently located near North Hollywood and Beverly Hills, so your search for a plumber near you is simple. If you need help with any of the following, and more, our 24-hour plumber can be there to fix the problem:

Copper Re-piping

Galvanized piping found in homes over 25 years old may have deteriorated beyond repair. Contact us if you experience leaks, clanking sounds, or other problems with your plumbing or if you notice your piping has deteriorated. Other signs of a problem include:

  • Slow drains
  • Foul odors
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Bubbling sounds from drains
  • Running toilets

Constantly having to fix issues such as rusted or corroded pipes can be costlier than replacing it. With our copper re-pipe service, you can have dependable plumbing, fewer repair costs, and peace of mind.

Drain Rooter

If your drains move slowly or back up, hidden problems can cause more damage. Correcting the issue may be as simple as removing grease, calcium, carbon, or debris buildup. Other culprits such as soap and hair may clog drains, and you might not even know about it. Fortunately, our rooter service professionals can clear out your kitchen, bathroom, sink, shower, and sewer lines to restore normal function and avoid future damage and costly repairs. We can also spot more serious problems such as broken or crushed pipes and tree root intrusion.

Garbage Disposals

We provide solutions in North Hollywood for jammed garbage disposals. A new disposal can be installed if there’s a leak caused by internal damage or your current device doesn’t turn on. If you have a noisy disposal, contact us to assess the problem. Sometimes we can fix the underlying issue. If it’s a more serious problem, we can replace the unit with a newer, more dependable disposal.

High Tech Hydro Jetting

High-pressure streams of water, at up to 3,500 psi, can effectively clear objects, rust, and mineral deposits from a clogged drain, pipe, or sewer. We will suggest this when possible to avoid laying or snaking new pipe. Sometimes hydro jetting is necessary to clear out debris and objects prior to pipelining. No matter the case, we employ the expertise and proper equipment to get this job done right.

Pipe Lining Technology

People unfamiliar with the process think pipelining requires excavation. However, Rooter Guard uses the latest in pipelining technology that is non-invasive and affordable. Our method avoids digging deep trenches and resolves issues related to water erosion, tree roots, and corrosion. We insert lining materials through existing pipe for a simpler, code-compliant, non-invasive solution that can last 50 years or more.

Rooter Service

Our professionals can quickly fix most problems and advise you on solutions such as sewer cleaning or trenchless pipe replacement. Whether you need water heater installation, leak repair, or garbage disposal service, don’t risk attempting to fix it alone. We are here to provide emergency assistance or repairs and upgrades as needed. No job is too big or too small.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Drainage issues can cause a lot of problems, but our professionals specialize in blockage removal and state-of-the-art techniques. Call us if you need an emergency plumber. We can work around your schedule and make sure the job is done before we leave. Our professionals are trained to fix any problem with the proper equipment and tools.

Sewer Rooter

Sewer problems can result in backups and health problems, but we can repair any drain, kitchen, bathroom, or garbage disposal problems related to blocked or damaged sewage pipes. Our emergency plumber can provide pipe replacement and repair when needed, so the issue is taken care of quickly.

Sewers & Yard Drains

Sewer backups and drainage are important when installing a pool, while proper care must be taken if digging is required. We know how to locate drains and make the proper connections; our team can also install yard drains to keep your property protected during the rainy season.

Slab Leaks

 Natural erosion, worn pipes, and accumulation of moisture can cause leaks in the slab. Underground leaks may lead to dripping water sounds or wetness on floors or hot spots. Have a professional fix the problem before your water bill spikes, an underground pipe breaks, or mold and mildew proliferate.

Water & Gas Leaks

Water can soak through walls, flooring, and various materials, causing mold growth, rot and decay, and exposure to hazardous materials. Fixing gas leaks is critical because gas can cause not only a rotten egg smell but also explosions and harm to your health.

Water Heaters

Rooter Guard specializes in water heater repair, replacement, and installation so you’re not left without hot water or a leaking/damaged water heater that can cause further damage. Our technicians can inspect the heater and surrounding area for problems and tell whether corrosion, rust, or water heater replacement is the best option.

Toilet/Sink Installation and Repair

Toilets and sinks are always important to consider when you build, renovate, or upgrade a home. We know how to get things right the first time and ensure the unit is properly sealed, so you won’t be left with leaks, messy cleanups, or other problems.

Faucet/Fixture Installation

We can identify the root cause of any issue and replace, change, and install any kind of fixture. Installing any fixture requires expertise. Our technicians are highly skilled in this area, so you can rest assured you’ll have hot or cold water at full pressure, and that no potentially costly mistakes will be made.

Rooter Guard Is Available for Emergencies

We are available 24/7, so you can always call an emergency plumber to deal with an urgent problem. You can also depend on trusted rooter service because our technicians are trained, screened, and drug tested, while a 100% guarantee is available for all services. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll do everything necessary to make things right. We’re committed to quality workmanship and keeping our customers satisfied, protected, and safe.

In addition to the services listed above, we also offer North Hollywood, CA customers additional service options, such as:

Electronic Leak and Sewer Locating

Our professional plumbers use low-voltage and high-voltage non-invasive leak detection to find water and sewer lines, so we don’t have to dig blindly. We can find lines below ground before we start looking for leaks or start any renovation work, such as building a patio or pool.

Video Camera Inspection

This allows us to have a visual look at pipe, drain, and other issues without digging anything up, to identify the cause of slow drains, leaks, and other problems. Video cameras can detect leaks, blockages, pressure points, and weaknesses. We can see the exact location of a problem, so we know where to go to fix it.

No matter what kind of plumbing problem you may have—whether it’s a water leak or you need water heater replacement or garbage disposal repair, Rooter Guard is ready to help. Our plumbers are conveniently located in North Hollywood. You can always expect honest, up-front estimates and professional advice on the best solutions to plumbing problems. For more information on our services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers; locations served; and special offers, continue browsing or contact us today.



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