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Rooter Guard provides a full range of plumbing services in Van Nuys and throughout Los Angeles. We can complete jobs of any size for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Los Angeles County, including Burbank, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica. Whether you need an emergency plumber or rooter services, our Van Nuys technicians are available 24/7 to address any plumbing problems.

The following commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing services are provided by Rooter Guard, one of the most trusted plumbing companies and providers of rooter service in and near Van Nuys:

Plumbing Services

  • Toilet Repair & Installation: Our plumbing contractors are experienced in fixing all toilet issues and installing new toilets using the proper tools and techniques.
  • Sink Repair & Installation: Replacing sink parts can be difficult, but our Van Nuys technicians can easily install components as well as new sinks and associated plumbing.
  • Water Leak Detection: Fixing a leak requires finding its source, which might be behind a wall; call for plumber repair service if you hear running water when faucets are off or if you smell mold.
  • Electronic Leak Detection: This advanced technology helps find hidden sewer pipes using electronic field vector mapping and identifies leaks by locating breaks in this field, without any digging.
  • Pipe Lining: Non-invasive pipe replacement avoids costly excavation; a simple blockage or leak can be repaired with modern mechanical cutting systems and inflatable liners.
  • Copper Repiping: A professional service replacing old galvanized piping that can deteriorate over time and break, and fixes leaks, slow draining, and other problems.
  • Water Heater Service: Water heaters will eventually fail but don’t always provide warning—call Rooter Guard for professional installation, repair, and replacement.
  • Faucet Installation: Installing a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet isn’t simple; our technicians can do it fast and fix valves, replace channel drains, and address pipe and water hose issues.
  • Garbage Disposals: Whether your disposal fails, jams, leaks, or makes noise, our plumbing contractors can inspect it, fix the root cause, or install a new one.
  • Slab Leaks: Rusted, rotted, or deteriorated pipes under slabs may cause pinhole-sized leaks that will get worse; call if there are hot spots on floors or you hear water sounds.
  • Video Plumbing Inspection: Hi-tech cameras can find what is blocking your pipes and detect weaknesses and pressure points, among other problems.


Drain Cleaning Services

Homeowners often attempt to clean drains themselves, but this can have a variety of unintended consequences. Avoid further damage by calling for rooter services. High-pressure water jetting and other techniques can clear blockages and clean drains. Our plumbers work around your schedule and continue until the job is completed, whether the problem is caused by a buildup of dirt, hair, calcium and carbon, grease, or soap.

Our sewer and drain cleaning services encompass the following:

  • Sewer Rooter: Sewage backups can be smelly and bad for your health, but Rooter Guard can provide expert repairs at the source in a sewer line or drain.
  • Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning: Delivering water at up to 3,500 psi, this service clears objects, rust, and mineral deposits in pipes, drains, and sewers using fluid pressure.
  • Sewer and Yard Draining: Available when you install a pool, to protect your yard from flooding during the rainy season, or to provide drainage for sprinklers.


Current Specials

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Our specials on plumbing services in Van Nuys and surrounding areas include deals on drain cleaning, toilet repair, faucet replacement, hydro jetting, sewer service and pipe replacement, copper repiping, camera inspections, and more.

To find out more about our current specials and coupons, call us at 833-683-5515 or visit our Special Offers page.


There’s No Leaks In Our Service: Why Choose Rooter Guard

Plumbing companies like Rooter Guard offer many benefits. You don’t need to buy tools to detect leaks or perform repairs. You also avoid potential mishaps or injuries due to inexperience. Hiring a professional saves time, stress, and money.

Rooter Guard employs highly experienced and expertly trained plumbers. Customers in Van Nuys and throughout Los Angeles County depend on our honesty, low prices, and reliability. A full warranty is also provided, covering our own workmanship and the manufacturer’s warranty for parts.



As expert plumbers, we get a lot of questions. Here are the answers to some of the more frequent plumbing questions we get asked.


What if I wait to fix a leak?

This is not recommended. Water leaks will get bigger over time, causing damage to building materials, flooring, and furniture; mold can grow very quickly and jeopardize your health, while slab leaks can even compromise your home’s structural integrity.


Does a leaky faucet really waste a lot of water?

At 10 drips per minute—and 15,140 drops per gallon—a single faucet can drip 347 gallons per year. That’s certainly a lot of wasted water, especially if more than one faucet is leaking.


What if my water bill goes up and I can’t find a leak?

A silent toilet leak is a common culprit. Test it by adding food coloring to the tank. After a half hour, check for any discoloration in the bowl water; if there is, call your local plumber repair service.


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