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If your home is over 25 years old, it’s important to have your plumbing inspected. You want to make sure you don’t have all galvanized piping, because it will eventually cause issues. Rooter Guard can help not only find issues with this type of metal, but also help with a complete copper repiping. The main reason to consider this is because galvanized piping will deteriorate and break over time. Clanking sounds, leaks, and various other problems may happen soon, if you haven’t already experienced some. If you don’t replace all the pipes, you run the risk of spending thousands of dollars to get things back in working order.

Signs You Need to Replace Pipes

Water Pressure – A decrease in water pressure often starts out subtle, indicating a slow water leak, and over time it will decrease until you’re not getting enough water flow. With low water pressure, it is obvious something is wrong. Traditional metal pipes rust and develop issues that lead to trouble, causing leaks and issues at the site of the leak and other locations. If you are seeing a drop in water pressure, it’s time to give us a call to assess the problem.

Slow Drain – Old or damaged pipe may cause a sink to drain much slower than it once did. Slow water is nothing to ignore; it can mean there is a vent pipe problem which can soon lead to bigger trouble. If vent pipes haven’t been installed, it’s important to invest in this step to ensure your plumbing system works at peak performance.

Discolored Water – Dark water, which is often brown in color, means there is corrosion within your pipes and rust is making it to your faucets and fixtures. The rust and mineral deposits can be bad for your health and also build up inside the pipes. If left untreated, the problem can lead to a clogged pipe, which creates a lot of pressure that can cause the pipe to burst. A catastrophic leak may be imminent if tap water is discolored.

Odor – If a foul odor is coming from a pipe, materials may be building up inside or sewage may be backing up. There may be a stagnant water or moldy smell. If you smell anything unusual, it is important to have a professional come in and check the problem. You may need pipe replacement or perhaps a new seal, but the problem will only get worse if left unchecked.

Noise – New pipes may be needed if you hear bubbling sounds from the drains or it sounds like air is coming from them. Perhaps the toilet sounds like it is constantly running. If unusual noise is coming from drains and areas away from laundry machines, dishwashers, or sump pumps, normal water flow is likely being cut off. Contact us if you hear sounds you shouldn’t be hearing and our technicians will work to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Have a Professional Replace Your Galvanized Piping

Get a pipe replacement if you have old galvanized pipe, which corrodes and rust

s more easily than other types. Your local building codes may require replacement as well. If you see any of the signs above, contact Rooter Guard for service. You can identify galvanized pipe by its silver color or you can use a strong magnet that will stick to steel and not materials such as copper or plastic. Pipe replacement requires an up-front investment, but it pays for itself in the long run. You will have reliable water flow and avoid leaks and burst pipes, which can lead to very expensive emergency repairs of not only the pipe but anything in the home damaged by water or mold.

Conduct a Cost Analysis

At first, the notion of repiping will sound expensive. However, when you compare the cost of fixing issues, you will see why copper is superior and worth investing in. We specialize in this field and can help you install new, dependable plumbing. It’s imperative you don’t try to do this on your own to try to save money. You will end up having to call a professional if things get difficult or there is a mishap. If you’re in doubt, call us for an estimate and we can discuss the available options.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of New Pipes

There’s no real price you can put on peace of mind. Instead of having to deal with issues associated with your plumbing, why not call us in to help? We can make sure things are working properly and ensure your plumbing lasts for a lifetime. Copper lasts longer, it doesn’t rust as easily, and will not cause you the same issues other metals will. It might cost a little more up front, but over time you will avoid the costs of water damage, mold removal, and other issues that could arise.

The above benefits are just some of the great things that come with calling us for copper repiping. Remember, it’s crucial to maintain your home’s pipes and fix any issues when they occur. Whether you’ve sprung a leak, or you’ve moved into a house built 25 years ago, call us at 800.399.7270 and our Van Nuys technicians will assess your overall needs.


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