Drain Rooter Service In The Greater Los Angeles Area

When you start seeing your drains backing up or moving slowly, there can be several reasons. Many people end up going to a hardware store and getting some sort of chemical to dump into the drain. The problem with this is many of the options available not just clear a backed-up drain, but also cause damage over time. The damage could end up being very difficult to manage, and in severe cases a complete overhaul of your plumbing may be needed. That’s why it’s crucial to call in a drain rooter professional who will not only help clear tubs, and sinks, but also make sure the issue is taken care of properly.


Causes of Clogged Drains

There are various problems that can be fixed with a professional touch, at a reasonable cost. In fact, the expense is often easy to manage. A drain cleaning professional can determine underlying issues with your plumbing. Some of the most common causes of drain problems include hair, dirt, debris, or calcium and carbon build up in the pipes. When you get professional rooter services we ensure the clogs are removed if they are organic, and if you have calcium build up or damage to the pipelines, we can fix it with relative ease.

Grease Build Up Requires Unclogging Drains

Oftentimes, grease can build up inside the drain or the pipe it is connected to. Grease can build up very quickly, especially in a kitchen sink or dishwasher drain because hot grease is more fluid. When it cools, the grease sticks to the inner lining of the pipe. It accumulates over time until the space inside narrows and water cannot drain properly. There are various solutions a professional can offer, including high-pressure water jetting, or hydro-jetting, which clears objects with pressurized water. This is an effective alternative to methods such as snaking equipment through the pipe or laying new pipe from the inside.

Grease Isn’t the Only Culprit

The soap you use in the shower and for the laundry can also cause a blockage. It can stick to the walls, slowly at first, but the soap eventually builds up and clogs the pipe. You will need a professional who knows how to fix clogged drains to get all the gunk out, but there are other reasons drains can become clogged. Old pipes can move due to ground shifting and settling. Short sections of concrete or clay pipe can shift out of place and disrupt the flow of water. Know when to call a plumber, so they can find the problem and replace damaged pipe; otherwise, there’s no cleaning job that will restore your plumbing.

It’s Not Always Possible to Clean Out a Drain

Old pipes, therefore, can’t always be cleaned out to get your drains working again. Tree roots can also be a problem because sewer pipes contain the water and nutrients trees search for. Water pipes built before 1970 are the most vulnerable, because they were made of concrete or clay and not always 100% watertight. The roots can either crush the pipe or penetrate it and grow inside, reducing the internal diameter and blocking the flow of water. Pressure from soil can crush old, brittle pipe as well, but the problem can also come from within as water erodes and weakens the pipe walls from inside.

Drain, Pipe, and Sewer Cleaning in Van Nuys, CA

When you contact us, you will receive professional service to ensure all drain back-ups are fixed. Every job is different, but an assessment is always required first. Oftentimes, problems with drains in the kitchen, shower, bathroom sink, toilets, floors, and sewers are due to a variety of issues. It’s hard to determine one cause without thoroughly investigating the affected drain or the pipe system when the culprit isn’t immediately obvious to our technicians.

Consider the following benefits of our drain rooter service:

Peace of Mind – The first thing that you’ll get is peace of mind. Our friendly customer service is a plus, and our experience enables us to fix problems right the first time. We make sure that your drains get clear and free of anything that could be causing an issue.

Professional Service – We make sure to inspect drains and pipes closely, so if you have problems associated with build up inside the pipes, we can fix the issue or make replacements.

Emergencies – When you experience backups caused by sewage, or dirt comes into your tub or sink, we can clear that out and stop the issue from recurring. Whatever drain or sewer problem you have, we can assess the situation fast, and get your plumbing back to normal.

When you call Rooter Guard you will get friendly customer service, answers to your questions, and service that is second to none. We will not only help you with drain rooter service, but any other plumbing issues that you might be experiencing. This is all done at a price that’s affordable. You can trust that you will get fast, experienced service when you need it most, even in an emergency. Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, you will receive the best service possible from professionals who have been unclogging drains and replacing old pipe for many years.

If you have a backed-up drain, we are available 24/7 to assess the problem and fix it, so call us at 800-399-7270 or submit a service request online right away.