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When it comes to modern pluming and rooter services, Rooter Guard has you covered. We incorporate the latest and greatest technology into everything we do for our customers. In fact, we’re always learning new things and implementing new equipment. For instance, we offer electronic leak and sewer locating, which is something most people are unaware of. This service is for property owners who need to locate where water and sewage lines cross, meet and separate. We can find exactly where there is a backup or drain issue.

How Electronic Leak Locating Helps

The water that goes to a home or commercial structure is provided by a utility company. It must come in and out from somewhere, which means sewer and pipe lines are in and around your home. It’s very important to know where they are. If black water starts flowing into the home, knowing these locations helps a plumber identify the source of leakage and determine where excavation will take place. Our electronic services will help locate the lines, so you don’t have to dig deep and ruin a yard. We can quickly find sewer pipes and repair them with ease to ensure a leak or backup is fixed.

Finding Sewer Lines Can Be a Real Challenge

There are traditionally two ways to find sewer pipe leaks. One is to call the city and finding out the exact coordinates, and the other is to find out on your own. Either way can be painstaking, which is why we offer this service. If you’re planning a patio, pool, or other addition to your home, chances are you’ll have to dig into the yard. However, if there are pipes, lines, and more in the vicinity you could end up with a major issue by digging and not knowing what lies beneath. A sewer leak can cause major problems on your property and inside your home, for your neighbors, and the environment by killing off plants in your yard or leaching into local water supplies.

How Electronic Leak Detection Works

Our services, combined with our latest video camera technology, shed light on where water is going out of your home and help ensure nothing goes awry. Electronic leak & sewer locating is not just for information. It’s a strategic method that helps ensure no damage is caused by renovation work or dealing with existing problems. Also called electronic field vector mapping, electronic leak detection is a highly effective method of finding water lines. It involves creating a conductive electronic field while grounding test equipment to a structure. Nonconductive waterproofing membranes (roofs, rubberized asphalt, bitumen, thermoplastic, urethane, etc.) can serve as insulators, making it simple to detect breaches in a subgrade membrane.

We offer two methods of non-invasive leak detection, including:

  • Low Voltage – Wet Method: A wire loop is used as a conductor on the membrane or around the testing area perimeter. Two leads are used—one connects the wire loop to a pulse generator; the other connects the pulse generator to a structure near a vent pipe or drain. When an electrical current is applied, the circuit is completed if there’s a leak or breach. The technician then marks or plots where the leak is based on the position of the probes.
  • High Voltage – Dry Method: The technician grounds the power source to the conductive surface. Bristle-like conductors are used to detect breaches when circuits are completed. The conductors are swept over the membrane to find a problem. Audible tones indicate a breach so an operator can continue to pinpoint its location. The test area does not have to be defined with a wire perimeter and water is not needed to enhance conductivity.

We Know How to Find Water Lines in a Home

Oftentimes, the source of a leak can be hard to detect, which is why you should call us whenever there’s an issue. The “DIY” route is not advisable as you could risk injury, or even death, by trying to dig towards sewer lines—or worse, you hit a gas line and there’s an explosion. Attempting to find and fix a leak yourself is dangerous for many reasons. Improper use of tools, a ground cave in, or hazards from the pipe itself can put you in harm’s way. Our equipment, expertise, and methods are ideal for identifying leaks in a home and identifying plumbing lines with minimal risk, and quickly finding moisture whether it is underground, between walls, or leaking from any fixtures in the home.

Contact Rooter Guard Today

It’s best to let the professionals handle leaks and issues with sewage so you’re protected, your home is safe, and you regain peace of mind. Electronic sewer locating is for the professionals. Fortunately, we’re available in Van Nuys to help whether a leak is suspected or your looking to do substantial renovations. If you’re experiencing drain leaks or potential vent pipe leaks, call us right away to get to the root of the problem. Our team is experienced with electronic leak detection methods that are faster and more accurate than traditional methods, so we can find leaks quickly and fix them, no matter where they are.

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