Rooter Guard Specializes in Installing New Faucets & Fixtures

Many homeowners in Van Nuys don’t ever think about what could go wrong with their fixtures. In fact, most people don’t realize there can be problems with the faucets and fixtures, as most common problems with plumbing have to do with drainage and pipe. Whether you’re looking to replace fixtures or you’re looking to buy new ones for your home, you’ll need to call a professional when something goes awry. Before you purchase a new setup, or try to fix issues on your own, call Rooter Guard so that we can assist you with installation, fixing leaking fixtures, or assessing whether there’s an issue or not.

There are a few important things to consider before you invest time trying to fix or upgrade your faucets & fixtures, including:


Purchasing a new faucet requires just a simple trip to the hardware store. There are a lot of great designs you can look into; most of them are cost effective. The right design can really stand out with your overall kitchen and bathrooms décor. However, most retailers don’t offer installation, and that’s where you will need to have an expert assist you. We can help you with, for example, kitchen sink installation or installing bathroom fixtures, so you can depend on hot or cold water at full pressure when you need it. Without having a helping hand, you could end up with a disaster. We offer that helping hand whether you purchase fixtures locally or online—it is just a phone call away.

The Problem with DIY Sink, Fixture, or Valve Fixes

Fixtures often leak at the entry or exit point. A turn of the wrench is not going to source the issue, but can stop things from becoming more problematic. There are risks with trying to fix a leak yourself, and there’s a real possibility of making the damage worse. Before you break anything by troubleshooting the issue yourself, call us and we can fix the problem. Oftentimes a simple solution will be needed, but there are instances when you will need to rely on a more extreme option such as replacing fixtures, fixing broken terminal valves, or replacing channel drains.

We Replace, Change, and Install All Kinds of Fixtures

Whether you need to replace entire fixtures or components, we can service any kind of part in your plumbing system. Our technicians can handle valve fixes if necessary, and if valve replacements don’t resolve the problem, we can get to the root causes of issues with bathtubs, showers, and kitchen sinks that aren’t working the way they should. Other common fixtures prone to plumbing problems include channel drains, bidets, and channel drains, all which we can inspect, find the source of a problem, and fix it. Our professionals specialize in repairing and installing all kinds of tapware.

Rooter Guard Services Faucets, Pipes, and More

We’re not only equipped to fix basic components of house plumbing. Our technicians are also experienced in servicing tap valves in addition to utility sinks, drinking fountains, urinals, and other fixtures found in public lavatories. If a horse bib fails, we can fix connections for water hoses. Issues can occur with water outlets that lead to drains and pipes, and if a fixture is slow to drain or overflows, our plumbers can investigate the situation and quickly determine the source of the problem. They can then get to work fixing the cause, whether it requires a quick adjustment, replacing a part, or installing a completely new fixture.

Replace Old Plumbing with New Fixtures

If the problem is with a drain, we can unclog it or replace the component. A bad trap can cause water to not drain properly, but we can inspect it to be sure it’s the source of the problem. Some fixtures have the trap built in, which we can fix if necessary, or provide you with new, more efficient fixtures that conserve water, are easier to operate, and comply with the most recent standards.

Get Rooter Guard on the Case Today

No matter what kind of issue you’re having with fixtures in your home, make sure you call us to assess the situation. Most often, installation and repairs won’t take too long when you have a professionally trained plumber on your side. Not only do they know exactly what to look for based on the signs and common problems. They are also experienced with installing new faucets and fixing leaking fixtures quickly, as speed and quality of service are top priorities for every customer. We offer a full range of services that will ensure your fixtures are properly installed, repaired, and working well. You won’t have to worry about any new issues occurring anytime soon.

Remember, if you start the job and can’t finish it, or you’re existing fixtures have started to break down, we can help you out. We don’t blame you for giving it a try, but understand that fixing a plumbing problem is a challenge if you don’t have the right experience. Don’t hesitate to call and explain the situation, even if it’s an emergency—fast and affordable solutions are available. You can trust us to not only help you out, but to ensure you will have working kitchen and bathroom fixtures after we leave. Call us at 800.399.7270 today and let our experienced professionals in Van Nuys address your needs.