Garbage Disposals

Rooter Guard can help you with the most common problems that you’ll find with garbage disposals as well as install a new one if you need it. There are a variety of different problems that you will experience in your home. Some of the issues will need easy fixes that we can offer, while others will require a more complicated solution. Whatever the case is, if you are having issues, do not hesitate to give us a call.


Consider the common issues that we can help you with below:


  • Permanently Off – If you are trying to turn your disposal on and you can’t get it to start, you might have an issue with the electrical connection. Often times this requires a replacement if the motor has been overloaded and gone out completely. You will not be able to simply reset this and start over again, if the motor has gone out, or the connection has gone south, you will need to purchase a new one and have us install it for you in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


  • Disposal is Jammed – If you feel that the problem is a simple jam, or you have dumped the wrong food into the opening, we can help by dismantling the equipment and fix the issue that you’re dealing with. It’s important that you do not stick your hands into the opening and try to fix it on your own. DO NOT try to repair this on your own, as it is very dangerous to clear a clog without professional help. We don’t want you hurt, let our expertise help and get a solution that will fix any issue that you are having in regards to a jam.


  • Leaks – You might end up finding that your disposal is leaking and things are broken on the interior. Often times sharp objects will cause problems and cause the blades to malfunction or puncture something. This will cause leaking, and you’ll need to get a new one installed. If it’s a newer model, a simple fix can be administered if the problem isn’t too extreme, but if the issue is severe, replacement will be needed.


  • Noises – If you are hearing a lot of noises, clanking, or shaking, that could be a variety of issues. You will need to call us to assess what’s wrong, most often the blades are loose or are malfunctioning. If there’s a grinding sound, the motor could be on its last legs. We can fix the issue, replace the disposal, or advise you on what you need. It’s important to call us whenever you start to hear noises, as this could be a sign of a more serious implication.


If you are having problems with your garbage disposal, whether it’s a problem that is listed above or not, give us a call and we can help you get peace of mind. There’s no reason why you should deal with the issue, when there is reliable help a price you can afford available to you today. Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it on your own! It can be dangerous.