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There are many advances in the plumber world that people aren’t aware of. Many assume that the process of replacing, rehabbing, and cleaning pipes can be quite costly because excavation is needed. When you need your pipes serviced you will be able to take advantage of the latest pipe lining technology we are now using. Rooter Guard now offers non-invasive pipe replacement for those that need to fix existing pipe issues and who don’t want to face the challenges and expenses of traditional methods.

A New Method of Pipe Replacement and Repair

Pipelines of various sizes can be serviced within a few hours using a new method that allows lining materials to go through an existing pipe and completely fix issues. Our inversion process is cutting edge; it allows technicians to enter the pipe from an external source, which would normally be very difficult to do. Before this was possible, fixing pipes underground required excavating through the yard with deep trenches. This would mean that your yard had to be completely dug up to fix blockages, leaks, or even perform a deep pipe cleaning. Now that you don’t have to do this, you can ensure that your yard is quite nice.

How Pipes Are Replaced Non-Invasively

Basically, this new form of pipe replacement involves placing a pipe within an existing one. There are four steps to the process. Once the source of the problem is identified, the pipe is cleaned so the liner adheres to the interior wall of the original pipe. Mechanical cutting systems may be used to remove roots and scale buildup. A two-part pipe epoxy is then applied to a felt liner, which is then cut so it sticks to the inside of the pipe without allowing water to get in between both layers. The liner is pulled through the pipe and, when it is in place, a rubber bladder is inflated until it matches the interior dimensions of the pipe; technicians then wait until the epoxy cures and the liner permanently adheres to the pipe material.

New Pipes That Meet the Latest Codes

The city of Van Nuys has recently approved this option, so you don’t need to worry about the building code. You can have peace of mind knowing your pipes will be in proper working order and up to the strict city code in place. With an inversion method, we can ensure that your pipes hit the city sewer main without causing any issues. No major cuts, and no problems will arise due to this methodology. You can therefore rely on us for complete pipe service that not only cuts down on the hassle of excavation, but also complies with the laws of your local community.

Why Consider Non-Invasive Pipe Replacement

Some of the advantages to this latest pipe lining technology include strong pipe epoxy resins, root intrusion divergence, bridging pipe sections, increase flow, and a lifespan of 50 years and beyond. These are just some of the benefits you can be rest assured will help sustain your home’s value and avoid having future problems. Of all the methods of pipe rejuvenation, this is the most convenient, as it is highly effective in fixing existing pipe issues and completely replacing pipelines without disrupting the entire property, and your life. It also takes less time to complete the job compared to traditional methods of pipe excavation and repair.

Re-Pipe Your Property with a Proven Method

When our experts move forward with non-invasive pipe servicing, the seal has a single entry point and access is simpler. Pipe is sealed within the existing lines, and when the lining is added, we don’t usually have to replace any pipe to fix the problem. The joints are also sealed, and there will be no problems with clogs or blockage. The transitions are relined as well, which has been found avoid most problems over time. This entire process can increase your piping system’s life span even if corrosion, tree roots, and water erosion have taken a toll.

Save Yourself from Pipe Failure with Non-Invasive Repair

Our non-invasive method is beneficial if you need a root intrusion fix, as tree roots infiltrate pipes to find water and cause cracks and blockages in the process. We can cut out the roots and re-line the pipe so it is as good as new. A deteriorated pipeline can be repaired whether it is damaged by water or corrosion from oxygen or chlorine, which is used to treat water that passes into drain pipes. Mineral scaling is another common problem that not only corrodes pipe materials but also forms mounds that reduce a pipe’s internal diameter.

Pipe material that has corroded will no longer be a problem. Although the original pipe is still there, the new liner will serve as a pipe replacement that will last for many years.

If you’re on the fence about getting your pipes redone or relined, consider calling us at 800.399.7270 for an estimate on our pipe lining service in Van Nuys. We will be able to guide you through the process, assess any problems, and help you get free flowing pipelines with the latest technology. If you’re looking for expert service, with the latest pipe lining technology, look no further than Rooter Guard. We pride ourselves in offering the best for our customers, and will ensure you get the right solution for your needs at a price that will not break the bank. We have many years of experience working with pipe cleaning, lining, and much more. You will not be disappointed.


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