Sewer & Yard Drain Service in The Greater Los Angeles Area

There are a variety of issues that you’ll have to worry about when you’re trying to install a variety of automatic systems in your yard. Not only that, if you’re looking to get an in-ground pool, spa, or any sort of irrigation you’ll have to look into drains that are often times ignored. Sewers and Yard drains are a matter of heightened importance for a variety of reasons. Consider some of the issues that you’ll have to deal with when trying to work with these systems, and you’ll see why it’s imperative to call a professional to assist you with your drainage needs.


Sewer lines are complicated, and can cause a great deal of problems for those that aren’t sure what they are looking for or how to connect with them properly. If you’re going to install a pool, for instance, you’ll need to not only have a drainage point, you’ll need to ensure that there is no backup from the sewer system into the pool area.
Furthermore, if you’re constructing an in-ground option and you need to dig, you need to know where the drain will be and where the pipelines are coming through underneath your property. If you’re not keen at reading blueprints, making out plans, or figure out where the pipes are, you’re going to be lost fast. That’s why you should call Rooter Guard to help with locating, and connecting drains properly. Even if you’re not building a pool, but just want to make sure that when the elements hit your home, everything is safe from flood or damage that can be caused by mother nature.


When it rains, flooding is a risk that most people don’t want to take. Make sure that you have properly installed yard drains that carry water away from flood prone areas. Not only that, be certain that when the rainy season starts, water doesn’t sit and collect in one area, this can all be done by having professional drains installed.
Aside from yard issues with Mother Nature, it’s important to install drains if you’re installing a full sprinkler system. You want excess water to move way from grassy areas as well as be a nutrient source. If you don’t have a way to carry away the excess, your lawn could turn into wetlands or a swamp. Instead of dealing with that issue, call us to help get proper drainage, into the sewer with relative ease.
Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re not sure how to fully install sewers & yard drains properly, call us to help. We can assess your problems over the phone by asking and answering a few questions, then come out and inspect the area that you need work done on. We have years of experience dealing with these types of issues, and want to help you accomplish your projects without water or drainage issues. When in doubt, simply call us and we can help you move forward with proper working sewers & yard drains.