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Leaks are among the many issues homeowners face. They can be just minor annoyances, but major leaks can occur and prove to be very difficult to manage, especially when they are underground at the slab level. This might be surprising to some, but it is seriously one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner to deal with. Rooter Guard is here to help. When you suspect there’s a hidden leak beneath your home, call us immediately so we can fix the issue.

Act Early to Prevent Water Damage

It’s never fun to discover and deal with slab leaks. They will happen, and there’s no way to avoid them other than periodically check for the warning signs. Leaks usually happen when the pipes underneath the home rot, rust, or deteriorate and often start from openings the size of pinholes throughout the slab. These small leaks might seem minor, but they can cause bigger issues over time. The concrete slab can protect your home as water starts coming up to the surface, but over time, the water pushes through. It is crucial to catch the problem early to limit the amount of water damage, but oftentimes it’s found too late.

Why Slab Leaks Occur

In recent years, slab leaks have been occurring due to natural erosion. Worn out pipes can also start leaking and cause water to filter up from underneath a house. However, we have much experience with the latest technology to detect leaks with maximum efficiency. Rooter Guard can not only accurately locate the issue, but we can also repair the leak to avoid more damage to your home. If caught early, we can patch things up and you may not have any damage. If some damage has occurred, we can fix it and advise you how to protect your home in the future.

How to Spot Mysterious Water Leaks at Home

You can detect a slab leak by considering the following:

Leaks Behind Walls – If you hear dripping, water running, or notice wetness on the floors of your home, you most likely have a leak underground. Call us if you experience anything like this.

Hot Spots – When the slab has been compromised you may notice hot spots on your floors, meaning there are likely slab leaks under your home. Once again, call us immediately after you discover the issue.

Sound – Listen for the sound of water dripping, rushing, dropping, or settling. Oftentimes you will not see the leak, so be vigilant in hearing any signs of one and ask family members to pay close attention to sounds of water coming up from the ground.

Key Signs of a Hidden Leak

The most obvious sign of a leak, of course, is if you see water where it shouldn’t be. Damp floors or carpeting can mean water is building up under your foundation and has nowhere to go but up. The material may just look darker than usual and not very damp, or wood panels may start to warp for no apparent reason. It’s always a good idea to check the foundation in these cases; if it is cracked, a sewer leak may be the culprit, and the issue may progress to damaged floors, bricks, tiles, moldings, or walls. A wall may become bowed or separated, or your floors may become uneven or warped. Look for doors and windows that won’t close or appear as if they are separating.

Why a Slab Leak Can Be So Damaging

Signs of water damage on a drywall should never be ignored. Water leaks can cause a spike in your water bill, and the sky’s the limit if an underground pipe is broken. A leak will not stop until it is fixed, and your bill will continue to rise dramatically from month to month, even if you don’t actually use more water. Aside from draining your wallet, a leak can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive in hidden areas. Mold can grow behind drywall or under a carpet, and a musty smell may be the only hint of a problem.

How to Find a Leak

There are a few other signs that might not be obvious if you don’t know what to look for. The water pressure in your sink, shower, or bathtub might not be as strong, or your water heater may be running more than normal. This can mean hot water is leaking under the concrete. Also, the water meter may be indicating a higher level of activity than the water you are using. The leak indicator may turn continuously, or the sweep hand or odometer might change dramatically over a short period of time.

If you pay close attention to the aforementioned signs and you call us immediately, we can fix the leak and protect your home without major incident. Don’t hesitate as the longer you wait; the worse the damage will be. Concrete damage and water leaks go hand in hand, so be sure to have a professional look into the matter if you see evidence of either of these. Rooter Guard has years of experience with pipe and concrete slab leaks, so contact us on the Web or call 800.399.7270 for immediate service—day or night. Our Van Nuys plumbers can get to you quickly, provide an accurate repair estimate, and fix the problem at its source.


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