Bathroom Toilet & Sink Repair and Installation In Los Angeles

When it comes to building, renovating, or upgrading your home, you will find there are a lot of variables to consider. For instance, you’ll oftentimes need both toilets and sinks installed into the existing water lines and a “DIY” approach simply will not work. That’s why it’s important to call in a professional to get the job done right, and make sure nothing goes awry. Most people lack experience with, for example, toilet installation or repairing plumbing fixtures, which is why a professional can assist. Consider some of the common benefits of calling us when you need assistance.

Toilet Installation

Oftentimes the toilets in a home are inadequate. You can go to the local hardware store and purchase a new toilet, but the installation process will be arduous at best. If anything goes wrong while installing the unit and sealing it, water can flood the bathroom and seep into the other living areas. It’s very important to call us for help so you can avoid such problems. Expert installation can mean the difference between getting a new toilet installed right way, or having a messy cleanup and/or extensive repairs to deal with.

Have an Experienced Professional Fix Your Toilet

We specialize in toilet installation, service, and repair. Toilets have unique parts that require experience to install correctly. You may have never even heard of a Sloan valve, but it is a very important part that’s essential for the normal operation of a toilet. You also need to know the right tank lever mechanism, fill valve, tank bowl couplings, and tank to bowl gasket for the specific model, or else the toilet won’t work properly. It takes a high degree of skill to install wall tanks and waste pipes, and make sure all the bolts are properly secured. An experienced plumber has the training and tools to make sure the job is done right without incident.

Sink Repair in Van Nuys

The sink is often overlooked as something that can be upgraded or replaced. If you want a new fixture that is unique and matches the aesthetics of your home, then you’ll want to look for options that are out of the ordinary. But there is more to it than that. Connecting sinks to the water lines and making sure they are sealed can be painstaking for the average homeowner, which is why you can be rest assured when our professional plumbers handle the work.

Installing Sinks and Parts Requires Expertise

When it comes to sinks, repairs can be tricky. If you need a universal pop-up drain stopper, for example, you’ll need the tools and know-how to install the component, so it works as designed and is not damaged in the process. A stopper is important because it controls the flow of water down the drain and can be adjusted to hold water in the sink if necessary. Our experienced plumbers can get the job done quickly, whether you need a plastic extension tube, mounting clips, an actuator, or plastic P-trap.

Don’t Take a Risk with DIY Work

For many people, plumbing systems look easy to work with, but many things can go wrong. A professional can advise you on the best, most efficient fixtures to install. You might not know about these or even the correct ones for your home. Even more worrisome is your skill level using tools to install sinks or toilets or make repairs. One wrong move, or missed step, can mean the difference between a solid watertight fixture and one that persistently leaks. Leaving out one small part, such as a washer or mounting clip, can render a relief valve or an entire fixture inoperable. A plumber will ensure your toilet tanks are properly secured and connected and can offer a tank kit that is more efficient and useful than other ones on the market.

Have a Plumber Do Sink/Toilet Installation and Repair Right

Poorly installed plumbing can lead to a disaster in your home. To do any job right, there’s a lot to know, including how to tighten connections, find your shutoff valve, and how to work with pipe. It takes more than just a common wrench to get things done. You may even need soldering tools or a torch to fix certain things; a plumber’s toolbox is rather large and complex compared to the standard home tool set, so it’s always best to go with a professional if you aren’t that experienced or equipped. You can avoid spending more or, even worse, inadvertently injuring yourself.

Rooter Guard Has You Covered with Toilet and Sink Installation

Whether you’re looking at upgrading to something more high-tech, or want to change out what you have for something different, we can help and make sure you’re not left with leaks, damage or anything that could go wrong. We make sure to connect the water lines, seal gaps, and get your kitchen or bathroom in working order. Rooter Guard has you covered for toilets & sinks in Van Nuys, at a price you can afford, with the best in customer service and satisfaction. Call us at 800-399-8270 and see how easy it is to get the right plumbing team on your side.