Water & Gas Leak Service In The Greater Los Angeles Area

A lot of common problems can happen in the home and issues families deal with from time to time include water and gas leaks. These two culprits can cause headaches at any given moment. There are a variety of reasons why each might happen, and it’s crucial to give us a call whenever you might need assistance. It’s not advisable to try and fix either one as it could end up becoming an emergency situation. When you call Rooter Guard, we will make sure a water leak or gas leak is fixed, and if a patch is not available, we will advise you as to what’s going on and how to move forward to ensure the safety and protection of your family.

Water Leak Detection

You might first see a leaky faucet, or a drain leaking through piping, it can be a sign of further issues. Water can leak from a variety of sources aside from fixtures, and could also start behind walls where plumbing and pipes are. If left untreated, water can soak into the flooring, walls, and create a variety of issues including mold growth. If rot and decay occur in the home, hazardous materials could harm you and your family. It’s important to call us at the first sign of a leak so you’re not left with issues that can be avoided.

There are a few things you can do to spot a leak, even if it’s not immediately obvious you have one. A higher than average water bill can be a sign water is escaping from the system. To determine if there is a leak, turn off any faucet or water source in the house, and check the leak indicator on the water meter. Movement means water is flowing through the meter despite water not being used. Another method is to check the meter for readings a couple of hours apart, but not use any water during that time—if it changes and you didn’t use any water, a leak is present.

Signs of a Persistent Water Leak

A leak can occur in an area where you can’t see it, but there are still signs that point to a problem. These include a mildew/mold smell somewhere in the house that has no apparent source. Mold will start to grow in less than a day if a source of water is available, or there is just a small amount of moisture where there shouldn’t be. Running toilets or the sound of water in pipes when no water is being used are signs of a leak. Aside from condensation, look for warped or discolored stains on walls, floors, or ceilings that can mean water is or has been leaking.

You could also use a sensor for humidity detection. But if there is any doubt as to whether you have water leaking, contact Rooter Guard for professional leak detection and to find the source of the problem. If the leak is severe, we can repipe an area, patch the problem, or restructure the flow of water. Our experience in fixing these matters makes us a great choice for your overall needs. When something is leaking, contact us immediately, especially if the flow is heavy.

Gas Leaks

One of the most dangerous things that can occur in a home is a gas leak—fixing leaks of this nature is extremely critical. If you are dealing with a gas leak from a variety of locations, you need to call immediately and try not to fix this on your own. It’s imperative that no one light matches or try to turn on stoves during the leak. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have this type of problem, but you suspect that there is an issue, contact us for further information on what to do.

Finding a Gas Leak

A gas smell is the most obvious sign of a problem. The characteristic scent of a gas leak is a rotten egg smell that is caused by a sulfur-based substance, mercaptan, that gas companies add to the supply to make it easier to detect leaks. Other obvious tell-tale signs include hissing or blowing sounds coming from pipes or appliances, which can mean a pipe has cracked or a fitting or seal has failed. Signs of a leak also include an open flame, but underground gas leaks occur as well, and can be identified by patches of dead vegetation or blowing dust or bubbling moisture coming from the ground.

A Gas Leak Requires Emergency Plumbing

Call a professional right away to find the source of a leak and complete pipe repair before you have an even bigger and dangerous problem. It’s imperative that you do not venture into trying to fix this on your own, as this can be deadly and cause serious damage to your home. Have a professional come in and find out where the possible leak could be, and whether you need to replace certain appliances or piping. Our professionals can find gas leaks immediately at their source and fix them fast.

Regardless of whether you have a gas leak or a water leak, you’ll want to give Rooter Guard a call so we can advise you as to what to do to ensure everything is ready before we get there. If you’re not sure, then that’s okay. We will come by and inspect all issues and make sure your home is well protected. A plumber has the experience to handle the problem, no matter how big or small, and can provide prompt leak repair or pipe replacement. They also know how to find a leak quickly, so the issue can be addressed and your peace of mind can be restored before more serious and expensive damage occurs.

Contact Rooter Guard at 800-399-7270 right away if you suspect a leak in your gas or water lines. We are available 24/7 in Van Nuys.